Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Philosophy Of Life V

Women’s Liberation

In stone age era women were not kept confined to walls and veils because there were neither walls nor veils nor we were civilized enough to feel need of it. Process of civilization had started during stone age. In early stages of civilization we started keeping women behind walls and veils to protect them against yet uncivilized world. The practice of keeping women keeping behind walls and veils continued for thousands of years. This period was so long that we forgot the basic purpose of keeping women behind walls and veils. Instead it became part of culture and tradition. We should realize our folly and liberate women, at least in civilized part of world, form walls and veils.

Life of a jeep

Disappointments, frustrations, failures, illness etc in our life are similar to roadblocks, bumps, twists and turns in path of jeep. Jeep has to be physically rugged if it has to continue to move. Unlike jeep we have to be not only physically but also emotionally rugged. As rugged jeep only can take care of its passengers, we can take care of our dependents.

"Earn but don’t burn".

Meaning of life

A lot of things have been said and written about the meaning of life specially by them whose thinking has been clouded by religious conceptions. There are no rainbows in clear skies. Answer to the question ‘what is meaning of life?’ depends on whose life and ‘meaning to whom’ we are talking about. Normally we talk about human life only.

What meaning can be thought of life of plant and animals which are slaughtered daily in millions and trillions to provide food value to human life? So we think only human life can have some meaning. Yes, our life does have lot of meaning for each other , because our life depends so much on each other. But what about meaning of our life to universe as a whole. Going by our latest scientific knowledge of universe, out of all stars and planets, life exists only on earth. On earth too life was neither there since its beginning, nor may last till its end. I think nothing more need to be said about meaning of our life to universe.

"High thinking and high living are poles apart".

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