Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Work on your self:

For long you have cared about your parents, your spouse, your children your colleagues, its time to take care of you, its time to work on yourself. Give life a new approach treat your self well be nice to yourself.

Your clothes:

Take time to shop for nice clothes for yourself, they don’t have to be expensive just ensure they look nice, take time to wash them well and iron them, come out looking smashing, someone was once complemented that he looked good his reply was “it’s deliberate” .Look good deliberately all the time. Fulltime housewives, take your bath early as if you have an appointment to keep, dress nice smell nice treat yourself well live life per day, you are alive be happy to live.

Your meals:

How would you serve a very important visitor? With nice trays cutleries the choicest wine ,take time to give your self the celebrity serving make it often, once a week, once a month, it depends on your pocket but always ensure that each meal you take is nice, well cooked well served ,well eaten.

Take yourself out:

Imagine you had an old friend visiting from another town, where would you take him to? Take your self out often, even if you have 100 children to take care of, make it a habit to frequently take your self out, all by yourself, all alone keep telling your self you are giving yourself a treat, one day life will be over make sure you die smiling knowing you enjoyed the opportunity God gave you.

Make yourself beautiful:

Put extra effort to make yourself, extra beautiful no matter how beautiful you are. For ladies make nice hair styles, get clothes that fits you , not those in vogue, invest in nice perfumes, roll-ons, ensure your nails are nice, artificial or not, know the best make ups that fits you. Make it your duty to always look beautiful. For men all it takes is well ironed clothes. Dress complete ensure you are either completely formal or completely casual, use lovely perfumes mind your color combinations, have a good sense of personal hygiene.

Your weight:

I am personally on the big side, weight has an effect on your ego, do all you can to watch, manage or loose your weight, if there is nothing you can do for now, carry your self well always look smart don’t drag your feet, discipline yourself, check your weight regularly, get a slim down routine give yourself targets and do all you can to meet them, work on your tummy.

Make your self priceless:

Every where you find yourself make yourself irreplaceable, build your character carefully, respect people, run from gossips, don’t run people down. Apologize when you are wrong, don’t talk too much, don’t look down on people, in working environments do your work flawlessly, in all kinds of relationships go the extra mile. Call people to know how they are and tell them you called just to know how they are. Send I care sms, send cards with I care messages hand written in them, give people a listening hear, let them know they can confide in you, learn to keep secrets. Answer your phone calls politely, do all you can to build a reputation that will last even when you are long gone..

Get busy:

Irrespective of what you are presently into ensure you are always busy, if there is a need go back to school, please do, get an exam form, educate yourself, if you are not engaged don’t let your spouse refuse you because of your academic qualification, educate yourself. Learn new skills photography, sewing, hairdressing, playing musical instruments, cooking, and games, whatever. Keep yourself busy. Read, Work on your mind, get into the habit of reading, you could go to the library, download books from the internet or buy, read motivational books, fictions non fictions get into the habit of reading.

“The man, who won’t read, is no better than the man who can’t read.”

Build your sense of humor:

You don’t have to be a clown to make people happy, but a good sense of humor is a priceless asset, it works like medicine. It relieves people of their heartache and makes you a better person. Some people have to spend months to learn how to smile.

"A smile is just a curve that’s always around your lips it might not solve the problem, but it gives you an assurance that all will be well."

Things are usually not as bad as they first appear, choose to be happy, and choose to always make people happy.

Get praying:

I personally believe in the efficacy of prayer, God can do every thing, build a prayer routine, pray for yourself, tell God to make you a better person, pray for others. It will give you great joy to see that your prayer for someone worked.


“You can give without loving, but you can’t love without giving.”

When you have give, when you lack give. What will I do with all I have stored up? What joy will I have knowing that I have extra and the man next door has nothing? Make it a part of you to always give.

“Even if there is no reward for the giver, give.”

Visit motherless babies’ home, look around you for less privileged people, always look out for avenues to bless the next person.

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